The Atlantic City casino arena is an eclectic mix of new properties.
Besides Harrah’s located on the marina side of the town, parent company Caesars Entertainment??owns Bally’s and the Caesars properties around the Boardwalk. Caesars and Bally’s undoubtedly fall in the»older» category.
Bally’s casino started in 1979. In a parking garage that faded signs that are directional and has seen its better days, to exploited out carpeting, the Bally’s house feels every bit as old.
As I navigated my way towards the sportsbook of the Bally, » I was trying to prep myself. I frankly didn’t understand what to anticipate.
I’ve been reviewing every single New Jersey retail sportsbook in advance of the NFL season kickoff. This one comes a bit after the kickoff, but for good reason.
Since I started to map out my onsite visit program back in July I snapped The Novel in the conclusion of my itinerary at Bally’s, because its launch wasn’t before the end of July.
With the place open and operational, let’s dive in and have a look at The Book at Bally’s in Atlantic City.
Address: 1900 Boardwalk, Atlantic City
The Book, which opened on July 30 and also had its grand opening throughout the Philadelphia Eagles game on Sunday, Sept. 8, which hasn’t yet made the listing about the directional signs in Bally’s/Caesars complex.
Entering in the parking garage is a tiny journey, so just follow the worn rugs and faded hints to»Bally’s Wild West» or simply ask a casino employee for some directions.
The trite old saying of»do not judge a book by its cover» certainly applies to The Book. From the minute I came down the escalator, I was dismissed with this amazing venue. «Impressive,»»astounding» and»monumental» all come to mind, and I could go to synonyms.com and readily locate 10 more words which would also apply to the sportsbook.
The former Coyote Kate’s Wild Wild West Slots Parlor space at Bally’s was transformed into a state of their art and sportsbook that was genuinely Vegas-style. #Boom.
The 15,228-square-foot area is jaw-dropping, out of the luxurious seating area, private enthusiast temples , also a»wall of beer» and TV displays of such scale, they would be right at home as part of their NYC»Times Square» picture.
As previously mentioned, while finding this distance by the parking garage was a bit arduous, The Novel is quite a bit more readily accessible from the Boardwalk entry, though from the exterior signs you’d never know there is a veritable»sports palace» lurking outside the listed Wild Wild West and Guy Fieri restaurants.
To place the scale of this Novel into perspective, it is almost 2x the size of their next biggest AC novels (Borgata sportsbook and William Hill in Ocean). Like I have observed at AC casinos, the sportsbook’s design and scale is available in the casino space as the majority of the novels have to be retrofitted into the property.
Nicely, Bally’s had plenty of room to use and they definitely»explored the space» when designing The Book.
Bally’s AC sportsbook is only one contiguous enormous space. There are two TV displays and a third that serves as a video wall using the capability to be formatted into screens to get multiple game actions protection.
The primary viewing area consists of 102 high-end leather chairs, a back row using 30 seats and table rail that is lined that includes video slots and seats for 28 more.
Since the area and the TV screens are so big, there’s plenty of room.
Under the displays in the front of these Bally’s sportsbook are five private, available for pre-booking via online bookings and fully enclosed fan temples each holding 16 to 24 people.
All told, that’s a seating capacity of up to 280, with plenty of area in case you don’t have a chair to hang out.
There are seven live betting teller spaces at the rear of The Book. The teller place is modest in proportion to this book’s overall size.
I do raise a concern that it may be chaotic becoming during peak sports into the window in The Book.
Huge boards containing data and odds are located over the teller windows, that can be large enough to require you to endure 20-25 feet off to take in the whole perspective of info.
RATING: 3.5 stars
There are no terminals at The Novel.
As there aren’t any kiosks now at the Harrah’s book this must be a Caesars item. At the moment, this may be the only blot with this sportsbook’s restart. It’s just unacceptable for a place of this dimension to not have any choices that are self-betting.
Apparently, is a plan for kiosks pending approval, at some point.
The teller minimum is $5, which out the William Hill venues is the live teller minimum at Atlantic City sportsbooks.
Though other books offer you a decrease bet minimum in their kiosks that’s not an option here.
RATING: 2.5 stars
These screens at The Book’s dimensions are unmatched. Nobody else has bigger displays, and if your game is on the display, it’s an experience that is amazing.
There (now ) is a deficiency of smaller display options, therefore there may be challenging if you are not there to see the Eagles, Jets or Giants play on any NFL game day.
RATING: 4.5 stars
The 280-seat capacity is far and away the biggest of any NJ sportsbook. A clear winner for Bally’s within this category.
RATING: 5 stars
The Book has five enthusiast designs. All these are enclosed behind a door, with every space holding up with individual TV screens.
In addition, the chairs in the main viewing area can also be reserved online. In lieu of a»rental fee,» there is a food & drink minimal spending commitment required as part of this reservation.
By way of example, Sunday, Sept. 8, the primary viewing seats demanded a single food and beverage spend of $50. Going the pricing ladder up, the VIP minimal spends start at $250 at enthusiast temples and $150.
Tying this is an outstanding reservation template on the Bally’s site, as shown below for the Sept. 22 NFL Sunday:
RATING: 5 stars
The Book which makes it easy to make it to the minimum spends for your reserved seats.
There’s for ordering a menu. There is also a beer wall that has 16 unique brews.
RATING: 5 stars
Within my off-peak trip, you will find four workers on the other side of the teller’s counter, and many security guards patrolling the place, and housekeeping personnel in a continuous movement.
Additionally, there are plenty of racks comprising paper chances and futures available to browse and choose from.
RATING: 5 stars
The self-parking fee of $25 is the highest at Atlantic City. It appears criminal to control that amount and have you stroll with a strong odor of urine through a garage space that is littered. Yuck!!
RATING: 2 stars
Is gigantic.
As such, there are a few added arcade games such as pool tables, shuffleboard, and air hockey. There is capacity for 16 beer pong tables all adjacent to the sportsbook area.
Beyond the choices at Bally’s, the property’s location offers easy access to the Boardwalk and other casinos and attractions.
RATING: 5 stars
As part of each sportsbook trip, I am placing a wager for the upcoming season.
Trying to feel out who will be the perfect plays for the Week 1 of the NFL, I put a Tiny four-team moneyline parlay for $5 that would cover 4-1 if I am right about the Chiefs, Seahawks, Vikings, and Ravens all starting week 1 with a»W»:
As it happens, I was correct on all four picks and that $20.46 is mine for the taking. That deserves a self high-five.
Since this area is truly spectacular if you are in Atlantic City, The Book at Bally’s is a certain must-visit. From its sizes to an extensive menu of beverages and food, there is something for sports bettor and every sports fan to view and appreciate.
It the expense of accessing the majority of the Atlantic City casinos, while the Bally’s parking prices are excessive. The only knock The Novel are the current lack of kiosks.
Some kiosks are on the way and they be needed to give support for the live teller place that is proportionately. Hey, Caesars, how about installing a kiosk in each fan cave area that is personal? That could be a terrific touch.
It should be a good NFL season and there must be some fascinating moments this autumn to experience in the Bally’s sportsbook.

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